Modifying Tekbell – Hard Selling Kettlebells with Free Shipping

My friend Zack (his self-help / entrepreneurship blog here) started Tekbell, a kettlebell company, last year after realizing that buying a kettlebell was far more painful than it should be. Shipping costs were huge, they often took several days to ship, and the packaging was crushed when they finally did arrive. So he did what any entrepreneur with a few hours on their hands would have done: started Tekbell (a kettlebell company with free shipping and same day fulfillment, and bomb-proof packaging), built the site and had some kettlebell inventory made.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago: I met Zack while living in Argentina and we quickly realized that we had a lot in common, we both liked kettlebells, and complementary skill sets. I offered to help him with Tekbell.

First order of business was checking out his google analytics account to look at conversion rates and amount of traffic. From looking at conversions, we noticed that they were on the low end of what we figured was normal. We didn’t have enough data or testing to really know one way or the other, but it seemed low. Looking at the site some, I noticed that while it looked nice, the call to action (a big button saying “choose kettlebell weight”) was buried below the fold. While we had a number of other ideas for items to test, it made sense to make this the priority. I quickly hacked something to move the selector to the top and we started watching.

At the moment, it appears that this simple change has noticeable raised our conversion rate. I’m a skeptical guy, so I remain skeptical, but the week following the change was massive for sales (compared to previously), yet this week has been a bit slower. There’s a lesson here about not jumping to conclusions in the first few days following a change (unless you have lots of traffic to judge it on, but even then, be careful about comparing Mondays to Fridays or holidays to non-holidays). I know I’ve certainly made, and learned from, all of those mistakes.

Other important followups for the site include: setting up google webmaster tools to track keywords, using google’s keyword tool to identify potential keywords to go for, and really thinking from the perspective of an end user to get them what they want. I know that’s hugely general, but when brainstorming, don’t lock yourself down to what’s feasible or even smart to do.

Anyways, sorry for the somewhat rambling post, I’ve been meaning to write more about this process, so I figured I’d just get things started.

Also, if you like kettlebells, keep your eyes on for some good content in the future. Tell your friends!


  1. Holy hell!! I checked out the site and saw the Pottstown address! I live 15 mins away in Collegeville. Fantastic! I got to this article looking for ideas on how to improve conversion on my site. I recently created to list as many traditional and competition grade kettlebells that I can find, from decent manufacturers (no cheap crap). I was tired of looking for kettlebells and having to jump from site to site trying to find a decent deal. I love the idea of FREE SHIPPING. I hope your friend wouldn’t mind some free advertisement/traffic, if I listed his products. This is exactly the type of quality and service I’m looking to promote.


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