Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia

My name, as you may have gathered from the URL is Jeff Ammons. I’m currently working as a CTO for Find Business Media, building B2B publishing platform that’s not stuck in the 90’s. I also advise various companies on various internet and software related things. I like learning new things and I’m always interested in exploring what life throws at me. As a result, I’ve picked up a number of interests/hobbies. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things I do with varying degrees of success: I sing opera and dance Tango, I’m a certified CrossFit Trainer (also with the mobility certification), I can converse in Thai, Spanish, and German (but they’re rusty), I’m a nutrition consultant, I play ultimate frisbee (not just for hippies), I’m learning some Parkour and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I like to cook, I used to co-host This Week in Android (http://thisweekin.com/thisweekin-android/), I try to write short stories and the occasional poem and have recently been attempting to sketch things. I try to write songs, and I’m trying to blog.

This blog is really my attempt to compose my own ideas about the world and maybe share them with others who may be interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts though, so feel free to comment. Hope it’s marginally enlightening!

If you want to find me on Twitter, it’s http://twitter.com/jeffammons, or LinkedIn is here. Email works too: