Installing and using reverb in Audacity on Ubuntu Linux

So I recently opened up Audacity for what I assumed would be a pretty quick operation. I just wanted to add some reverb to a track I’d recorded at a voice lesson. Sounds like something the Audacity should, in all it’s glory, be able to handle with its eyes closed. Unfortunately it seems I’m mistaken. None of the included filters include this ability. So I went searching. As it turns out, there are different libraries available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as plugins for adding reverb. The Linux ones are not as easy to install (or even find directions on how to install) as I would have liked.

So here’s the short version:

  • Install the plugin – the library which contains the reverb plugin is called Gverb, and is included in a set of libraries categorized under LADSPA plugins. Unfortunately I’m not sure which one, so I just installed all of them. (It’s not a very big install and I didn’t want to go through this trouble again).
                            sudo aptitude install vco-plugins tap-plugins swh-plugins rev-plugins omins mcp-plugins
  • Open Audacity
  • Click on the Effect dropdown, go to Plugins 61-75, click Gverb.
  • From here you’ll have to figure out your own settings, but that’s all you need to add some reverb to you audio recording.