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Drawing Lines, Not Dots


A dot on a graph with no context is often fairly useless unless you have already established a sense of context. A good example from my last job: if I tell someone that they used 200 kWhs last month, for the large percentage of the population, that doesn’t mean anything unless they also know how […]

Prioritizing Tech Debt and Opportunity Cost

Rusty Gears

Last week I found myself arguing with one of our engineers at Simple Energy about the ‘correct’ implementation of a feature. This argument centered around the issue of accruing ‘tech debt.’ (If you’re not familiar with the concept, check out the wikipedia page.) He argued that a longer implementation time to add additional functionality would […]

Should I Use a P&L as a Product Manager?

I was recently trying to determine the value of building a P&L for some development projects. Concerned that it might end up being a time sink that doesn’t pay off in the end, I asked a mentor of mine for his thoughts. Here’s his reply: I think if you approach the per project P&L with […]

Black Boxes and Filling in the Blanks — Early Dating and Compatibility

apple pie

Dating has long been a subject I’ve avoided on my blog. First, because I tend to want to write things about dating when I’m feeling frustrated with it and I don’t want all that logged in the public record. Second, it’s usually a lot of personal things. I try to write when I feel that […]

Premature Optimization and the 95/40 Rule

95/40 Rule

I drew this diagram on my whiteboard several months ago to explain to a friend why eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) and trying to fix it with supplements is foolish. The SAD is the column on the right, achieving, for argument’s sake, 40% of an optimal 100%. The column on the left is something […]

Technology for Learning Vocal Music

My typical method for learning new music is something like this: Get the music and look over it for general patterns in the music like repeats, etc. Find a recording if possible and familiarize myself with the music Learn the music by singing/playing through it with a keyboard Make clips of the music and listen/run […]

Converting Audio Files to MP3 in Nautilus

Script Runner

If you’re like me, you didn’t always make good decision growing up when choosing what tools you used to rip music onto you computer. I have a lot of music, much of which is a smattering of mp3, ogg, flac, wav, m4a, wma, etc. formats. Unfortunately, the stereo in my car only understands a small […]

Books That Changed My Life


I’ve recently finished a book recommended to me and realized that it belonged in a small handful of books that I’ve read which have changed my life and the way I see the world. I recommend everything on this list wholeheartedly. I plan on keeping this list up-to-date as I remember things that I’ve left […]

Venturing Into the Unknown and Getting Things Done There

Wood Panel

I’m a big fan of checking off boxes. There’s something satisfying about marching my way through a series of checkboxes and knowing I’m accomplishing some larger task. If you don’t already, I highly recommend using to-do lists as part of your daily routine of getting things done. (As a side note, the book Getting Things Done is […]

The Cost of Continuation

Follow the Winds of Passion

I have often wondered why I don’t feel the same pull towards activities that I’ve noticed in others. Have you ever met someone that you were convinced couldn’t survive without partaking in a hobby of theirs? (be it music, dancing, biking, running, etc.) I have, and I always envied those people. It felt as if […]

Harvesting the Unconscious and Hacking Your Brain


As far as I’m concerned, anyone who believes that they have full, conscious control over their decisions is either hopelessly naïve or lacking in self-observation faculties. While we have conscious thought and the ability to make some decisions, research has shown the power of our subconscious in driving us towards certain behaviors and actions. Here’s […]

Setting up a Development Environment for Shopify Themes


I recently started looking into designing a custom theme for a Tekbell, an shop with kettlebells for sale online, running on Shopify. Turns out getting started is a bit more complicated than it should be. Getting started, I figured my options (in order of best to worst) were thus: Find some way of setting up a local […]

False Maximums: Catching Yourself Up with Short Horizons

Change with a Long Time Horizon

I love a good diagram. A good diagram has the ability to take what looks like chaos and turn it into beautiful, understandable ink on paper. That said, it always pays to examine what’s not being show along with what is. Check out this one for example: This simple graph explains a huge number of […]

Undocumented Gondor Commands

There a number of undocumented commands for Gondor, and I hate asking in IRC multiple times, so I’m starting this list. Please feel free to put more in the comments. I’ll add them as I discover more. Create a new production instance on a stack: gondor create –kind=production <instance-name>   Env variables: Set an env […]

Three Powerlifting Cues I Use for Tangoing


Three Lifting Cues I Use for Tango I started dancing tango about 7 months ago. I had done a bit in college, something like 5 years ago, but not enough to really count. I was never a great dancer, in fact, during choreography for “Kiss me, Kate” I was politely told to just stand still […]