Should I Use a P&L as a Product Manager?

I was recently trying to determine the value of building a P&L for some development projects. Concerned that it might end up being a time sink that doesn’t pay off in the end, I asked a mentor of mine for his thoughts. Here’s his reply: I think if you approach the per project P&L with a big grain of salt, it can be a very useful tool. The grain of salt = your P&L will never be precise and you get diminishing returns past a certain point. Your instinct about using rough numbers and not spending much time is right … Continue reading Should I Use a P&L as a Product Manager?

Technology for Learning Vocal Music

My typical method for learning new music is something like this: Get the music and look over it for general patterns in the music like repeats, etc. Find a recording if possible and familiarize myself with the music Learn the music by singing/playing through it with a keyboard Make clips of the music and listen/run it a lot to work memorization Repeat 3&4 as much as I can If I’m singing in another language, I usually try to get the IPA and translations when I get the music to plug that info in as early as possible into the process. … Continue reading Technology for Learning Vocal Music

Venturing Into the Unknown and Getting Things Done There

I’m a big fan of checking off boxes. There’s something satisfying about marching my way through a series of checkboxes and knowing I’m accomplishing some larger task. If you don’t already, I highly recommend using to-do lists as part of your daily routine of getting things done. (As a side note, the book Getting Things Done is great for how to organize these and generally how to be someone who gets shit done. If you’re already pretty good at this, I recommend just reading this summary of GTD.) However, I noticed recently that I’ve been running into problems that I couldn’t seem … Continue reading Venturing Into the Unknown and Getting Things Done There