Online Tools for Learning Spanish

This is more a list for my own reference, but it might be useful to others, feel free to make suggestions as well and I’ll update it. Flashcard Program: I use Anki. It’s available on Linux/Mac/FreeBSD/Windows/Android/iPhone/maemo, so there’s no excuses here. Also if you set up an account you can sync between different machines or phones. You can also download pre-made decks from within Anki. I recommend “T’s Spanish Deck”. It seems the most intelligently constructed to me. Translations: Verb Conjugation Charts: Verb Conjugation Practice: Argentine Spanish (Castellano) Slang Dictionary: Someone should make an Anki deck … Continue reading Online Tools for Learning Spanish

Changing Things Up

I’ve spent a lot of my life since graduating high school moving to different places. Here’s a quick rundown for reference: Graduate after spending the first 17 years of my life in Missoula Move to Thailand for a year Move back to Missoula for 4 months Move to Washington for school for 9 months Back to Missoula for 3 months Back to Washington for 6 months Germany for 5 months Back to Washington for 12 months Seattle for 3 months Back to Washington for last 9 months of school Off to Los Angeles for 2 1/2 years (one inter-city move … Continue reading Changing Things Up

It Takes Two to Benefit Cortisol and Testosterone levels

I’ve recently taken up learning tango dancing as a new hobby. I’ve been doing it for several months now and have to say that it’s quite enjoyable. I mentioned to someone in conversation how when I dance, I feel very elated afterwards, and they remarked that there’s probably quite the testosterone response from tangoing. Not being one to let a good opportunity for over-examination go to waste, I did a quite good search for articles on tango and hormone release. Turns out that one exists. Here’s a link to an abstract. The study tested levels of both salivary cortisol and … Continue reading It Takes Two to Benefit Cortisol and Testosterone levels

Creating a Celery Periodic Task on Gondor

I’ve recently been using Gondor as a hosting platform for a business I’m starting. I needed to set up a task to update my search indexes every 30 minutes, so I thought of Celery. Asking in #gondor on freenode, I discovered that the Gondor guys had recently gotten whatever backend was needed to make Celery periodic tasks available on Gondor. They haven’t yet gotten around to documenting it fully, but it turned out to be relatively simple. Setting up Gondor for Celery: The Gondor docs have a great page on this. Follow the directions and you should be good. I … Continue reading Creating a Celery Periodic Task on Gondor

Converting Django Tests to Use Factory Boy

I heard about Factory Boy this last summer at a Django meetup in LA and figured I’d give it a shot. I ended up using it on a small project and intending to write a post back then, but I got distracted and never finished the project. I’ve been working on another Django site the past month or two and decided today would be a good day to convert all of my partner’s code into using Factory Boy. First off, Factory Boy is a tool for generating data in tests. Pretty much any project you have is going to need … Continue reading Converting Django Tests to Use Factory Boy

Fixing Postgres on Mac 10.7 Tiger for Django

I’m currently in the process of downsizing my number of computers to a single laptop (or maybe two… I mean who doesn’t need at least 2 laptops these days?), so I got a used macbook pro from a friend and have been trying to make the conversion to developing on it. So far I’ve spent far more time sysadmining on the mac than I have on ubuntu in the last 2 years. Not worth it for the pretty icons, but I really just go the macbook for the touchpad and battery life which are pretty gangbusters. Anyways, setting up postgresql. … Continue reading Fixing Postgres on Mac 10.7 Tiger for Django

Life-Mod: Physical State-Anchoring

I was recently watching a video on YouTube about how to spot a liar and toward the end of the movie, the guy mentioned something interesting. He has physical cues for himself which he uses to trigger certain states. Touching his pointer finger to his thumb recalls the state of meditation for him which helps him suppress micro-expressions when he’s negotiating. He also will raise his right big toe when he needs to remind himself to be patient with people that he doesn’t care for. Hearing this set me to wondering: could I train myself to recall or trigger certain … Continue reading Life-Mod: Physical State-Anchoring