I went to see a performance of Cosi Fan Tutte (a Mozart opera) last night in Pasadena. It was put on by a small company, and performed in a school auditorium. There’s something about all the small imperfections of a show like that that make it all the more human for me. It’s odd, I feel like the sterility of a professional show sort of removes the human aspect. Not to say that I don’t enjoy a highly polished show or that I’m looking for a sloppy production, but rather I just mean that it’s refreshing to see the humanity … Continue reading Amateurs

My 30 Day Diet Recommendation

Diet is a Greek word for ‘way of life,’ and that is the sense in which I use the word. It’s been commandeered in recent years to mean weight loss program, and often when I tell people that I’m on a diet, they respond with something like: “but you’re so healthy, why are you dieting?” I’m dieting because we have to eat something, and I want what I eat to make me stronger, smarter, and happier. Seems like kind of a tall order, but it’s a work in progress. I pick up and drop things as I learn more and … Continue reading My 30 Day Diet Recommendation

Looking for my purpose

So throughout school, from elementary to college, there was always this goal before me, graduation. Well I got there a little over a year ago and haven’t put much thought into what’s next. I had to deal with the first few things, finding a job, housing, paying student loans, trying to get dates, clothing and feeding myself, but it’s all been pretty mundane. I’ve feel as if I lost that greater purpose. I’m still working towards smaller goals (like squat and deadlift 300lbs, press 170lbs, or learn a new aria in my voice lessons), but none of this really gets … Continue reading Looking for my purpose