Looking for my purpose

So throughout school, from elementary to college, there was always this goal before me, graduation. Well I got there a little over a year ago and haven’t put much thought into what’s next. I had to deal with the first few things, finding a job, housing, paying student loans, trying to get dates, clothing and feeding myself, but it’s all been pretty mundane. I’ve feel as if I lost that greater purpose. I’m still working towards smaller goals (like squat and deadlift 300lbs, press 170lbs, or learn a new aria in my voice lessons), but none of this really gets me going in the morning. I recently discovered this after being broken up with by yet another woman (maybe I’ll write a post on those something) and finding myself pretty unmotivated about everything. I spent last weekend puzzling over a solution for this and I was hard pressed to find something to pick myself up. Now granted, part of this is just the usual post-getting-dumped feeling shitty, but part of it seemed indicative of a larger problem I have. I have no real reason for being at the moment. Now granted, I’m probably never going to figure out why I’m here or what life’s about, but I’d at least like to wake up in the morning and be able to say, “I know why I’m getting out of bed today.”

So that’s the quandary I’ve been working on since last Saturday, and I feel like I’ve got something. It’s not fleshed out yet, but the first wisps of thought are starting to manifest. Here is is (I’ll probably write more later, but I just want to get this out there): I want to start a group, similar to the Junto of Benjamin Franklin, which will serve as a venue for enjoyment and learning about life. I want to find a group of people who are intelligent, diverse, and interesting and then meet regularly to share our endeavors, wisdom, and experiences with each other. We only really get one straight shot through life, so the more we can learn from the experiences of others, the richer our lives will be. Just as Franklin’s group used the Junto to share and refine essays, I want us to do things like write essays, poetry, or create art which we can share with each other.

Obviously this is going to be a pretty good amount of work, finding people who are interested and then actually getting them and myself off our asses to meet, but it’s the challenge that in part makes it fun for me. I’m excited about the end result, but also about the unknown path I’ll take to get there. Should be fun, I’m working on a mission statement of sorts for the group, so I’ll post that when I’m done.

One thought on “Looking for my purpose

  1. Heavy stuff, a modern day Junto sounds like a great idea, you should definitely pursue it!

    By the way, the new blag is looking good.

    Good luck man.


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