Venturing Into the Unknown and Getting Things Done There

I’m a big fan of checking off boxes. There’s something satisfying about marching my way through a series of checkboxes and knowing I’m accomplishing some larger task. If you don’t already, I highly recommend using to-do lists as part of your daily routine of getting things done. (As a side note, the book Getting Things Done is great for how to organize these and generally how to be someone who gets shit done. If you’re already pretty good at this, I recommend just reading this summary of GTD.) However, I noticed recently that I’ve been running into problems that I couldn’t seem … Continue reading Venturing Into the Unknown and Getting Things Done There

Setting up a Development Environment for Shopify Themes

I recently started looking into designing a custom theme for a Tekbell, an shop with kettlebells for sale online, running on Shopify. Turns out getting started is a bit more complicated than it should be. Getting started, I figured my options (in order of best to worst) were thus: Find some way of setting up a local test environment to develop my theme then upload to the shop. Find some way of easily pushing updates to an online theme so I can test as I go. Use the online editor in the Shopify store admin. Code it all locally then push and … Continue reading Setting up a Development Environment for Shopify Themes

Undocumented Gondor Commands

There a number of undocumented commands for Gondor, and I hate asking in IRC multiple times, so I’m starting this list. Please feel free to put more in the comments. I’ll add them as I discover more. Create a new production instance on a stack: gondor create –kind=production <instance-name>   Env variables: Set an env var: gondor env:set [instance] VARIABLE=var instance is optional here, it will set it globally if not supplied. Read env vars: gondor env [instance] [VARNAME] both instance and VARNAME are optional, using without instance will just show global vars, and without VARNAME will show all env … Continue reading Undocumented Gondor Commands

Stop Misusing Your Imagination and Free Yourself

Every once in a while someone hands me a phrase that changes my life. Sometimes it’s a new way of looking at things or a distilled concept wrapped up in a way that lets me carry it around and brandish it when needed. My dad recently gave me one of these which fits both of these categories and has changed my life. I was talking to him about my difficulties in opening conversations with women I find attractive but yet don’t know. (I’m guessing most of you guys out there have had this experience.) Suppose you’re at a party and … Continue reading Stop Misusing Your Imagination and Free Yourself