Converting Audio Files to MP3 in Nautilus

If you’re like me, you didn’t always make good decision growing up when choosing what tools you used to rip music onto you computer. I have a lot of music, much of which is a smattering of mp3, ogg, flac, wav, m4a, wma, etc. formats. Unfortunately, the stereo in my car only understands a small subset of these, so I needed an easy way to convert to mp3. It actually is pretty simple, but took some research, so here’s the steps I took using Ubuntu 12.04:

1) Install the script you need (note, all these commands should be typed into a terminal — to open this, open the launcher and type terminal, then open it):

sudo apt-get install nautilus-script-audio-convert

2) Activate it in Nautilus:

nautilus-scripts-manager enable ConvertAudioFile

Doing this will open a window, click the checkbox then close the window.


3) Install some extra codecs (including lame which is mp3)

sudo apt-get install lame vorbis-tools flac faac faad mplayer

That’s it, restart nautilus, then right click on an audio file (or files) and select the script:

Script Runner


Following this, you’ll be prompted to answer some questions, they’re pretty simple. For the second one, I selected the following:

Select items from the list_012

After that, wait for it to finish, then you can keep or remove the files you don’t want and move on with you life. Enjoy!


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