It Takes Two to Benefit Cortisol and Testosterone levels

I’ve recently taken up learning tango dancing as a new hobby. I’ve been doing it for several months now and have to say that it’s quite enjoyable. I mentioned to someone in conversation how when I dance, I feel very elated afterwards, and they remarked that there’s probably quite the testosterone response from tangoing. Not being one to let a good opportunity for over-examination go to waste, I did a quite good search for articles on tango and hormone release. Turns out that one exists. Here’s a link to an abstract. The study tested levels of both salivary cortisol and … Continue reading It Takes Two to Benefit Cortisol and Testosterone levels

Life-Mod: Physical State-Anchoring

I was recently watching a video on YouTube about how to spot a liar and toward the end of the movie, the guy mentioned something interesting. He has physical cues for himself which he uses to trigger certain states. Touching his pointer finger to his thumb recalls the state of meditation for him which helps him suppress micro-expressions when he’s negotiating. He also will raise his right big toe when he needs to remind himself to be patient with people that he doesn’t care for. Hearing this set me to wondering: could I train myself to recall or trigger certain … Continue reading Life-Mod: Physical State-Anchoring

Locational Filtering

If you wanted to find fish, where would you go? Certainly not the desert. Despite trying to avoid this for as long as possible, I’m going to devote a post (partially) to some of my thoughts on romantic relationships. Luckily this concept applies to more than just meeting women though. It just happened to occur to me while thinking about picking up women in a grocery store. To set the scene: I recently went grocery shopping at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, and as I often do, I was checking out women in the store (in a non-creepy way … Continue reading Locational Filtering

Happiness and Improvement

As humans, we have a constant desire to improve our lots in life (well most of us do anyways). Improvement makes us happy, or perhaps it’s lack of improvement that makes us unhappy. Either way, it’s a good survival adaptation. It stands to reason that the humans with a stronger instinct to improve themselves and their surroundings would become those with better housing during a blizzard or more food during a period of drought. I think it likely that this sense has been bred into us by natural selection. It manifests itself in strange places though. Now that many of … Continue reading Happiness and Improvement

Making something of infinity

Let’s start off with some XKCD: I go through a mid-life crisis about every 2-3 months. I probably think too much about everything, but I can’t help it, so I might as well make the most of it. Actually my usual crisis is something along the lines of the comic above. Because we only get one path through life’s infinite possibilities, every second that passes narrows our field of possible outcomes, so I might as well make them count right? In this string of causality that is daily life,¬†introspection into the routine is important. Maybe I’m already making good decisions, … Continue reading Making something of infinity

Fooling Ourselves

Recently, someone sent me an interesting article which discussed looking for love. The article was primarily about how to find people that you can connect with in a significant and intimate way. At the end of the article, it presents you with a short task which involves writing down all the traits which you would find desirable in someone whom you’re romantically involved with. It then has you pare down your list with a few different tactics. All seems pretty logical and reasonable right? Well around the same time as I read that article, I happened to also be reading … Continue reading Fooling Ourselves


I went to see a performance of Cosi Fan Tutte (a Mozart opera) last night in Pasadena. It was put on by a small company, and performed in a school auditorium. There’s something about all the small imperfections of a show like that that make it all the more human for me. It’s odd, I feel like the sterility of a professional show sort of removes the human aspect. Not to say that I don’t enjoy a highly polished show or that I’m looking for a sloppy production, but rather I just mean that it’s refreshing to see the humanity … Continue reading Amateurs

Looking for my purpose

So throughout school, from elementary to college, there was always this goal before me, graduation. Well I got there a little over a year ago and haven’t put much thought into what’s next. I had to deal with the first few things, finding a job, housing, paying student loans, trying to get dates, clothing and feeding myself, but it’s all been pretty mundane. I’ve feel as if I lost that greater purpose. I’m still working towards smaller goals (like squat and deadlift 300lbs, press 170lbs, or learn a new aria in my voice lessons), but none of this really gets … Continue reading Looking for my purpose