Making something of infinity

Let’s start off with some XKCD:

XKCD: Dreams

I go through a mid-life crisis about every 2-3 months. I probably think too much about everything, but I can’t help it, so I might as well make the most of it. Actually my usual crisis is something along the lines of the comic above. Because we only get one path through life’s infinite possibilities, every second that passes narrows our field of possible outcomes, so I might as well make them count right?

In this string of causality that is daily life, introspection into the routine is important. Maybe I’m already making good decisions, and there’s not a whole lot wrong with routine, if you don’t have tunnel vision about it. I like to keep eyes open and break out of the trenches from time to time. So long as I’m constantly challenging my daily routine, I feel that I’m not in danger of suddenly waking up middle-aged in suburban America with a wife and kids and a house in foreclosure. Maybe I’ll end up there anyways, but at least it’ll be a conscious trip.

As such, I’m going to start posting some life-mods that I’m trying out. Certain little things that I’m trying out to break myself out of the routine. Some may work, some may not, but at least I’m not getting bored.

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