Popular Django apps at DjangoCon 2010:

The most valuable thing I got from attending Djangocon last week was a giant list of technologies. Some we already use at Mahalo (it was nice to hear that we were doing something right), and some that I hadn’t heard of before. Here’s the list, hope it helps you find something useful:

  1. django-config – a project aimed at working with profiles for multiple settings files.
  2. haystack – a search app for Django
  3. brabeion – an app for adding badges to your project
  4. zeromq – not a Django thing, but I heard this mentioned on several occasions. I still don’t understand exactly what it is, so check it out. (Not to be confused with RabbitMQ or any AMQP servers.)
  5. ipython – a better python shell. You should be using this.
  6. maatkit – tools for managing MySQL, Postgresql, and memcached databases.
  7. sqlalchemy – an alternate python ORM.
  8. django_alfajor – a Django wrapper for using alfajor, a functional front-end testing framework in Python.
  9. dulwich – git protocol and file formats written in Python.
  10. sphinx – Python documentation generator.
  11. celery – a tool for asynchronous job/task processing.
  12. fabric – python library and tool for deployment via SSH.
  13. gunicorn – a lightweight WSGI HTTP server in Python.
  14. django-piston – a framework for creating a RESTful API for your Django project.
  15. django-tastypie – another framework for adding a RESTful API to your Django project.
  16. django-taggit – a Django tagging app.
  17. django-debug-toolbar – a great toolbar/heads-up-display for debugging and developing in Django.
  18. django-filter – a tool for generically building Querysets based on user inputs.
  19. django-notification – a user notification tool.
  20. logbook – logging replacement for Python/Django
  21. proclaim – a tool using Redis to allow conditional rollout of features.
  22. varnish – a page caching solution.
  23. django-staticfiles – an app to help serving static files in Django.
  24. lettuce – a tool for managing test-driven development.
  25. Edit: sentry – dammit, I forgot this one. Real-time logging for Django exceptions. (We just started using this one, it’s pretty sweet.)

No promises on the quality of these (although most of them are pretty widely used, but a few of them were people’s pet projects, so they’re still in beta or alpha.

Also, if you want to read a much more thorough overview of 2010 Djangocon, check out this post: http://birdhouse.org/blog/2010/09/13/djangocon-2010/

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